Sunday, May 7, 2017

Syrian army advances at edge of cease-fire zone

In the Associated Press' article, they provide information about how Syrian government forces seized a village from the rebel forces on the edge of a cease-fire zone this past Sunday.  This village was Zalaqiyat and it is located within in the Hama province.  There were at least 14 rebels who were killed.  Russia, Turkey, and Iran agreed to enforce this cease-fire zone in four different areas in Syria in order to reduce the fighting and minimize deaths.  However, while Russia and Iran support the Syrian government and Turkey supports the rebels, it is unknown how these governments will deploy armed forces to help secure these "de-escalation zones" which would require massive amounts of coordination between the three countries.  Furthermore, the United States government does not agree with the de-escalation agreement and neither the Syrian government nor the rebel forces have signed off on the deal either.

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