Thursday, April 6, 2017

ISIS Claiming The Deaths of 55 In Iraq and Syria

Yesterday, Wednesday, April 5, ISIS killed a total of 55 people in two separate attacks. The first, was an execution-style mass killing in Syria, which killed 33 people making this ISIS’s largest execution of 2017. The report could not determine the political stances of the victims regarding the current government versus militia civil war in Syria, but concluded all victims were between 18-25 years in age. Following this execution, the second attack took place in Iraq. According to records, ISIS gunmen opened fire on police and civilians, later all committing suicide via explosion. At least 31 were wounded and 22 were killed. Police records state that the suicide bombers were dressed as military officials and targeted police checkpoints. ISIS leaders later took responsibility for these killings on Twitter.
    Even with this being one of ISIS’s largest attacks of 2017, it is notable that their strength is diminishing quickly as well. They have lost the majority of their grounds, had finances slashed drastically, and has had several of their highest-ranking leaders killed in the last 6 months.

Lucas Wittenkeller

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