Sunday, April 2, 2017

Newspaper in Mexican City of Juarez Closes, Citing Violence to Journalists

In today's climate of fake news accusations and complete lack of respect for the journalist profession, seeing something like this in the news is as heart wrenching as it comes.  Most countries have some sort of press freedoms, however those that we are granted by our country were intended to prevent events similar to this. The industry is currently battling shrinking interest in print media, and when something like this happens in a bordering courntry, the fear increases.
Although we have recently been amidst one of the toughest and most divisive times between the media and the people they represent, it almost feels as though what happened in Mexico represents the current state of the American War on the Media. It's unnecessary and doesn't make sense, but when these journalists are attacked in the ways they have been recently, their fear is often more important to them than the industry they are passionate about.


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