Friday, May 27, 2016

"Armed Muslim mob in Egypt attacks elderly Christian woman, parades her naked through streets of Cairo"

Not one of the nicer posts, but I believe it's important to talk about as this could impact relations between the U.S. and Egypt. Only time will tell.

In the village of Karma in the Minya province, a group of armed Muslim men assaulted a 70-year-old woman and looted and burned down seven homes in the village. The incident resulted from an alleged affair that the woman's son had with a Muslim woman. In Islam, a Christian man is not allowed to enter into a relationship or marry a Muslim woman unless he converts to Islam. Oppositely, a Muslim man can marry a Christian woman. Acording to her and eye witnesses, she was "dragged out of her home by the mob who beat her and insulted her before they stripped her off her clothes and forced her to walk through the streets as they chanted Allahu Akbar, or 'God is great.'"
The elderly woman reported the crime 5 days after it occurred because of the humiliation brought on to her by the attack. Attiyah Ayad, who witnessed the attack, described the culprits shouting slurs and firing rounds in the air in order to scare onlookers.  At this time, police officers have arrested 6 suspects and have begun searching for 12 more. President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has issued a statement in which he condemns the actions of the culprits and has given the military a month to restore property damage. While Egypt's president has changed election laws so that Christians, a minority group in the country, may run for office and allowing for more churches to be built and renovated, it has don't little to combat the discrimination faced by this religious group.  

Again, apologies for the topic, but terrible things do happen and it's important to discuss them.

Meredith Teuscher

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