Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hamas Resumes the Death Penalty in Gaza

Hamas, the militant Islamist group who rule in Gaza have called to resume using the death penalty. They claim that reinstating the death penalty will help maintain peace and prevent other cases of murder, they even referenced America saying:  "The death penalty exists in America...killings warrant the death penalty". The group already has a few prisoners ready for the death penalty saying they will execute them in the police station soon. Hamas has been using the death penalty since they came in to power in 2007, but the executions mostly stopped after June 2014 when president Abbas came in to power. Abbas needed to ratify each execution, but because he opposes the death penalty almost no executions went through. When the government fell apart last year, Hamas took back power and is now ready to use the death penalty against citizens they feel have committed treasonous acts.

Ashley Clayton

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