Sunday, May 22, 2016

Immigration backlash at the heart of British push to leave the E.U.

As one may have heard recently, Britain will be voting next month to decide if the country stays a part of the European Union. While most citizens of the upper-level class, such as economists and military leaders, believe that leaving the E.U. will destroy Britain, the polls are still relatively even on the topic. This is due to the rural areas surrounding huge cities such as Edinburgh and London. For instance, this article discusses a city 45 minutes away from London called Peterborough. Peterborough speaks poorly of the European Union and mainly because of the constant flow of immigrants due to the open borders. The people in the town are extremely weary of immigrants, claiming that Eastern Europeans have caused their once lovely town to turn into a cesspool of drugs and criminals. However, the immigrants who reside there speak of the wonders the city has done for them. There is a low unemployment rate and their children are able to go to excellent schools - Peterborough seems to be the land of opportunity for some. Overall, it is easy to see each side's point of view, yet it will be extremely interesting to see how this all plays out.

Haley Kuck

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