Friday, May 20, 2016

Iraq crisis: Green Zone protests end in violence

Iraq has been a country plagued with corruption for a long time and this mixed with the major divides between parties and religions has resulted in little to no progress in the government. The Prime Minister even went as far as to suggest the formation of a technocracy (control by an elite group of experts) to solve the problem. This was of course struck down by law makers. This lack of consensus or movement has created a great deal of discontent in the country though. Without any decision making, the country struggles against the so-called Islamic State and falling oil prices.

The discontent amongst the government boiled over Friday as a group of protestors stormed the Green zone which is an area in which key governmental buildings are located, including the Prime Minister's office, parliament, and important embassies. This is the second time that this has happened in the past month, and once again was met with tear gas and gunfire.

Blake Mitchell

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