Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Speaking of Globalization...Yellow Fever Outbreak

Globalization allows for the spread of technology, ideas, people, and disease. Living in a world that is highly globalized leaves us susceptible to the ills of globalization, one of those being the potential for the quick spread of disease. There has been and outbreak of Yellow Fever in Angola. Although Yellow Fever is not as pressing as malaria or as scary as Ebola, it is deadly. Since December there have been 300 reported deaths in Angola due to Yellow Fever. This incurable disease takes 80,000 African lives a year. Although 300 deaths may not seem like a large number in comparison to the 80,000 yearly, there are likely many thousands of cases and deaths that are going unreported. The disease can cause extreme abdominal pain and in the worst case internal bleeding and then external bleeding from the eyes and mouth, and ultimately death. Although some cases are not so severe, the potential severity of the disease is frightening. Due to Angola's fragmented government and inability to contain the disease, there is fear of spread to Asian and Latin American countries. 11 cases have already been reported in China and linked to the Angola outbreak. Health experts fear for a larger outbreak because the vaccines against Yellow Fever are low in supply. A global outbreak would be disastrous. When living in a globalized world, disease can spread through international travel very quickly and easily. Officials are working to contain the disease, but with the coming of summer and a surge in mosquitoes (carry the disease) the potential for the spread of Yellow Fever is frightening.

Ashley Clayton

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