Sunday, May 22, 2016

India records its highest temperature ever

Within this last week, India has recorded its hottest temperature in history. They recorded a 51 degree Celsius temperature in the town of Phalodi and to put it into perspective, that is almost 124 degrees Fahrenheit. This comes very close to our warmest temperature in the US which was in Death Valley when it recorded a 134 degree temperature about 100 years ago. These trends in India continue to persist and show just how much our climate has been changing and how it will continue to change. It is interesting as well to see that this is happening in India, a place where many US business's have their international operations stationed. Going forward with all of this heat, I wonder if it will cause business's to pull out of India, or stay and possibly improve some of the living conditions to better stand the heat. Hopefully it is the second one they stay with for the sake of India!

-Chris Kucinsky

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