Wednesday, May 18, 2016

From Dog Farms in South Korea to New Lives as Pets Abroad

The Humane Society International, an animal rights group,  has a campaign worked out to help save dogs lives and abolish dog farms in South Korea.  This group is offering some  financial incentives to farmers (potentially $2,000 to $60,000 depending on the number of dogs they hold at their farms) who give up their animals to be adopted as family pets in the United States and agree to switch to other livelihoods.. Since last year, the group reported to have shut down five farms already. These animal rights groups have estimated that nearly 30 million dogs have been killed each year for their meat in Asia, especially in countries such as China and Vietnam. And each year, more than 17,000 dog farms have supplied 2 million dogs in order to meet these country's appetite for eating dog meat.
However, as times have been changing dog meat is no longer in as much necessity as before when meat was scarce. South Koreans increasingly find the idea of eating dog meat much more appalling than their ancestors and many people even own them as companions now instead. 

Hailey Brzoska

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