Sunday, May 15, 2016

China killed thousands of Maine jobs. Now it’s eating up the state’s lobsters.

Jake Kazmierczak

"Little Cranberry, an island of 70 inhabitants, and China, a nation of 1.4 billion people, increasingly find themselves connected by the shifting currents of the world economy." explains the Ylan Q Mui in the Washington Post, in an article discussing, essentially, what is a prime example of  globalization. I like this article because it is not really typical, from my experience, to see an article discussing the nuance effects of globalization, and how seemingly random markets like lobsters can be have an effect across the planet. This article specifically is discussing lobsters, as i said, and the relationship between Maine and China. Apparently Maine has a surplus of lobsters and due to this have been able to sell a massive amount to China thanks to festivals and such which call for lobsters. The thing is though, that according to this article 2% of Main's manufacturing jobs have been taken away due to china and now that so much of the lobster production is moving to china, they fear that china will take over the market. In Australia, the other location Chinese buy massive amounts of lobster from, the Chinese have begun building fishing areas on their own. China wants to do this in Maine aswell, but obviously considering the massive profits being made by Maine thanks to lobsters, this would not be ideal. I guess the dilemma is this, if you don't involve China in some way, will the leave Maine alone all together and focus buying and fishing only in Australia? This would have a huge impact on the Maine fishing industry, and many of these fisherman know the threat. “To me, this is our last stand,” said Matt Jacobson, head of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative. “We better do this right.”

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