Tuesday, May 22, 2018

"If War Comes? Stock Up on Tortillas and Wet Wipes, Sweden Suggests" by Kostantina Taseva

On Monday the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency distributed a revised copy of an emergency handbook for war titled  "If Crisis or War Comes”. The last time the Swedish people were given such books was back in 1961. The author points out that while Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries are safer than the rest of the world, their main concerns are caused by their bordering Neighbour- Russia. More specifically, their worries are based on the fact that "the Russians annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine four years ago." (Gladstone). Overall, the handbook aims to prepare the Swedish citizens for all kinds of threads, such as terrorism, war etc. For this reason, it advises them to stack up on food, water, and precooked meals.n addition, it provides guidelines for dealing with internet hackers and how to recognize fake news.

- Kostantina Taseva


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