Monday, May 21, 2018

Trump to boost request for border wall funding by half-billion dollars

The Trump Administration has decided that it will attempt to increase the budget for the border defense wall of the US and Mexico by half a billion dollars. This would make it a total of a $2.2 Billion project, which seems incredibly high. Trump has threatened to shut down the government if he is unable to be granted the funding that he wants. As democrats are opposed to the idea of the wall in the first place, they clearly are not in support of this raising in the price of his wall. What doesn’t help the situation is that Trump took away the DACA program, which helped dreamers to essentially be possibly deported. Until a new deal protecting ‘dreamers’ is come up with by Trump, it doesn’t seem like he’ll get much support for the construction of the wall, or the raise in the budget.

- Elijah Dwyer

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