Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"Italy’s Populists Flirt With a Deal to Create a Government " By Kostantina Taseva

This article talks about Italy's ongoing struggle to establish a new government. Precisely,
the author brings to light the disagreements between the populist and anti-establishment parties about how the new government should operate. The leaders of both parties just recently met with The President and asked for more time so that they can clear out their differences. On the one hand, the antagonists of the bloc who are against Italy's membership in both- NATO and the Eurozone bring immigration into the conversation and stresses the importance of the citizen's safety, and prosperity.
On the other hand, while the two parties disagree on many things, they both stand against Putin's sanctions. Wheather or not there will be new election will be determined in the next few days. The author points out that such uncertainty puts the citizens into a waiting position.

- Kostantina Taseva.


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