Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Syrian army, police celebrate recapturing all of Damascus

The Syrian government officially regained control of Damascus today, Tuesday, 5/22. The city was largely evacuated after the government air strikes there last month, save several factions of the Islamic State who had occupied the southern neighborhoods. The IS followed suit, evacuating the area rather than risking a confrontation with Syria's military and police, who regained the last quarter of Damascus without opposition.

The militants claimed that their next confrontation lies in Daraa, where government forces and the Islamic State continue to struggle for control. In the north, Idlib remains a source of power for rebel forces, but the regime plans to confront this 'at a later stage'. The article does not indicate whether or not these rebels are affiliated with the IS or not. Nonetheless, Bashar Al Assad's regime has regained more territory than it has had since protests began in 2011, and the Islamic State, it would seem, is continuing to lose strength and influence.

By: Lauren Richardson
Link: https://www.apnews.com/e27d93a2f1e544f7b68ac3d3c502c51f/Syrian-army,-police-celebrate-recapturing-all-of-Damascus

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