Friday, May 11, 2018

Iran Condems Israeli Air Strikes in Syria

According to BBC News, Iran sides with Syria when Israeli military fired at the Iranian military infrastructure in Syria. Iran and Israel have always been enemies but have never engaged in war. Iran was originally in Syria to help Syrian military fight against rebel troops, however Iran now has to respond to Israel’s threat and act immediately. Iran responds on TV by disapproving Israel’s actions and encouraging Syria to fight back and defend themselves. He mentions that Israel feels the need to always create tension in the region because they cannot stand peace. However, I found it interesting that during this TV response he mentions nothing about Iran military in Syria. This was shocking because according to Israel their actions are directed at Iran troops in Syria. On Thursday Iran shot missiles from Golan Heights is a rocky plateau in south-western Syria, former territory of Israel. However, the missiles were intercepted by Israel territory causing no harm or damage to the country. Israel reports Iran’s actions on Thursday were their reasoning for firing. This is causing the UN to become involved and demand that Syria forces Iran to remove their military out of Syria. Overall, the battle between Iran and Israel is only escalating and becoming more complex over time.

Kelsey Persenico

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