Sunday, May 6, 2018

Matthew Wagner- Iran's Rouhani warns Trump of 'historic regret' over nuclear deal

         This article from the BBC discusses how Trump has threatened to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal on 12 May unless it is renegotiated. This goes against advice from both European allies and the United Nations. Additionally the president of Iran claims if the US pulls out that it will be a historical mistake for the US. There are holes in the deal however such as the deal doesn't prohibit Iran from building ICBM's. These missiles could eventually be armed with nuclear warheads once Iran develops them. Additionally Israel has found documentation that Iran lied about how far they reached in the research of nuclear weapons and the nation holds onto critical information needed for a nuclear weapons program. The article also details other factors of the deal such as how Iran's economy boomed following the deal which improved trade for the nation. The situation will continue to develop as players sort this out.

                                            -Matthew Wagner

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