Sunday, May 13, 2018

Indonesia Church Bombings

Sunday morning, a family of six carried out suicide bombings at three different churches, killing 7 and injuring at least 40. The family consisted of two parents, two sons 18 and 16, and two daughters 12 and 9. The father drive a car full of explosives into the city's Pentecostal church. The mother and two daughters, entered the church with explosives strapped to them. A witness stated that the mother was stopped at the door by police, but pushed through anyway. She then hugged a church member and that's when they detonated. The two sons also forced their way onto church property riding a motorcycle. ISIS has announced their responsibility for this attack. The article stated that this attack has been the worst attack since the Christmas Eve attack in 2000, which killed 15 people and injured almost 100. Christians and other religious minorities in this region have been the target for numerous attacks by the militant.

Kimi Epker

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