Thursday, May 3, 2018

"As U.S. and Chinese Teams Meet on Trade, One Side Has an Edge in Expertise" post by Kostantina Taseva

The article talks about the Chinese's limited experience when it comes to trade matters. Ahead of the meeting between The U.S., this details becomes troubling for China because they seem to struggle with finding people who can provide insights into Trump's trade strategies. In addition, the author points out that the differences of expertise between the two states can make it even harder for them to find common ground during the upcoming meetings. Th fact that most of China's negotiators are economists and bankers without a lot of experience in the trades discussion, makes the states feel not so comfortable about the upcoming meeting. Overall, the author claims that this detail is very important for the upcoming negotiations between The United States and China because it adds up to the tension and makes it even harder to predict what might happen.

- Kostantina Taseva

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